Welcome to MonthlyWeb

At MonthlyWeb we are passionate about creating pay monthly websites that generate results, and we always put our customers first. Whether you have an idea for a new business or you are taking over an existing one, a strong web presence is the greatest marketing tool you can have.

Regardless of the area of business you operate in, customers will expect to be able to find the details of your business online. It’s the first place they will look for information about your products and prices. Customers also expect to be able to get all the information they need about your company at a time that suits them best – not just during your office hours.

Failing to have a website means that happy customers can’t share details of your firm with friends and family members through social media channels. A website is also the perfect place to provide updates, promotions and product news.

The bottom line is that if your business does not have a website, you’ll be losing customers to businesses that do, and doing your company a disservice.

Why choose a pay monthly website?

If you’re a small business, a freelancer or a new start up, a pay monthly website is a great way to get your business online without the usual expense. Your site will look every bit as good as one that cost many times more. Your customers will be none the wiser – only you will know just how much you have saved through our pay monthly plan.

With no set-up fee to pay, you can use some of the money you had put aside for the cost of a website to support other areas of your business. There is no contract and no minimum term, so you’ll be in total control of your website and your finances. We even offer a full money back guarantee for the first 30 days.

In addition to reducing your upfront expense, having a pay monthly website means your company will enjoy greater control over its budget and cash flow. So long as the monthly payments continue to be made, your site will remain active and continue to promote your business online.

First impressions count and having an appealing, colourful, beautifully designed website can go a long way towards encouraging customers to spend their money with your enterprise. A website that features professional-standard graphics, video, and high-levels of usability will reflect well on your company and brand as a whole.

We do more

At MonthlyWeb we do far more than simply design great websites. We create online marketing campaigns to bring in new customers and boost your sales, we can also optimise your content for search engines, pushing you to the top of the results page for searches in your field.

We can also assist with paid advertising, email marketing and social media campaigns that not only attract new business to your enterprise but also expand overall awareness of your brand, all as part of your pay monthly website service.

Why spend a vast sum of money when you can achieve the same result with a series of easily affordable monthly payments instead?

How to get your pay monthly website

Our pay monthly package includes a fully bespoke website creation service. We start by helping you choose the perfect domain name for your business, taking care of all the necessary administrative details such as domain registration and annual renewals. Our pay monthly website service offers a simple, three-phase process to get you online.

We want to ensure you are 100% happy with every element of your website so we will not progress from one phase to another until we have established that you are completely satisfied with everything that is being done.

The first stage in creating your website is to establish the kind of online presence you wish to establish. We will take the time to get to know both you and your business as it is only by having a deep understanding of what you are trying to achieve that we can assist you in developing the most appropriate site and marketing strategy for your business.

A key task during this early phase is to choose a template upon which your website will be based. When it comes to choosing a design, the many available options can make it seem like quite a daunting task. In reality, once you establish the most essential criteria for your specific business, it becomes far easier to find the most suitable form.

Choosing your template

For example, if you work as a plumber or personal trainer, customers will be more interested in your personal background and experience, which means a link to a page containing biographical information should be in a prominent position on your homepage. You’ll also want to be able to provide potential customers with plenty of testimonials and examples of your previous work.

If, however, you have a physical shop and are opening a website in order to open up an additional income stream, potential customers will be more interested in your range of products and require easily accessible information about your pricing and delivery.

Your choice of template will also depend to a large degree on the sort of image you want your enterprise to portray to the public. For example, a template that features a full-width design that adjusts to the size of the user’s screen will give you a more contemporary, creative feel, whereas a boxed-width design may better suit a more traditional business.

We understand that the layout of your website needs to completely catered to your business’s industry and niche, and we also understand that no business is one and the same. Therefore, we ensure that every pay monthly website is bespoke to your business, making you unique.

Research-led designs

All of our designs have been created through extensive research into the habits and preferences of online consumers, so you can rest assured that whatever template you choose, your customers will find your website quick and easy to use.

Once you have chosen your ideal template, you can purchase it directly from our website. The process could not be simpler or more budget friendly.

Submit your content (logos, content, etc.)

No two businesses are alike, so no two websites we build are the same, ensuring your website is as bespoke as your business. At CurrantWeb, we will do everything we can to ensure you end up with a website that perfectly matches the needs of your business. This means we will work closely with you to determine the look, the style and the content that you wish to feature.

We offer a wide range of design options and adjustments to meet the specific needs of your business. Combining your ideas and requirements with our experience and design skills means you’ll have a first-class website that will help your business to grow.

Added extras

We can also provide advice and information about how to further enhance your website to help distinguish it from the competition. For example, including a blog on your website is a great way to provide customers with additional information about your products and services and have them return to your site time and again in order to view your latest updates. If you create a blog that provides genuine value to your customers, there is also a chance that they will share your content through social media channels, providing additional and highly valuable word of mouth promotion.

A great blog will help your business stand out from the crowd. We can assist with optimising your content to ensure your blog features higher on search engine results, driving even more traffic to your site.

E-commerce options

If you want to sell goods directly from your website to create an additional income stream to your existing business, our developers can set up everything you need to create your very own e-commerce store, including shopping cart functions and credit card options.

If you sell services rather than goods and want your site to provide customers with the background and contact information they need to make inquiries or simply want your site to act as a showcase for your past work, we can assist you with that too. Our ultimate goal is to create a website that reflects your precise requirements and does the best possible job of promoting your business online.

Our experts will listen carefully and then, if appropriate, make recommendations based on their experience and best practice within the business sector in which you operate. At every stage of the process, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. We always put our customers first and want you to have your website your way.

Once we have received all of your information, our team of experts will put together your site by combining your content with your imagery. Thanks to our years of experience of website design, we can combine the elements in a way that ensure your site is instantly appealing to first-time customers, guaranteeing that it is user-friendly and simple enough to use to ensure customers can make their purchases or inquiries with the minimum of fuss.

Mobile-friendly designs

Today more than half of all websites are visited on mobile devices, but not only websites are optimised correctly, leading to frustration with some customers and lost sales opportunities. At MonthlyWeb you can be sure that your website will work across multiple platforms and look every bit as appealing on a desktop as it does on a smartphone.

Don’t risk leaving your customers frustrated when they switch from one device to another – ensure a seamless online experience with our pay monthly website service.

Long-term security and flexibility

When you set up a pay monthly website with MonthlyWeb, you can be sure your site will always be up and running. We pride ourselves on the speed and reliability of our hosting services and back-up our systems on a regular basis to give you additional peace of mind.

Should you ever experience any technical issues with your site, you can access our support team 24/7.

The final presentation

Once the build is complete, we present the site back to you, allowing you to experience it the way your customers will. By presenting your website back to you, you’re able to understand the customer journey, how the site works and that it is fully functional with all electronic devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. All the website’s links will be operational, allowing you to click through and fully experience all of the website’s pages.

The final phase of the operation is to launch your site out to the world by switching it to live mode. At MonthlyWeb we don’t just ensure your website looks good, we also ensure it is as effective as possible. Once your site is live, our in-house team of marketing experts will begin to apply the digital marketing strategies that were discussed during earlier phases, helping to boost the online visibility of your site and build your customer base.

One of the huge benefits of choosing a pay monthly website is that it means you have an ongoing relationship with the team MonthlyWeb. We will constantly monitor the performance of your website and advise you of any adjustments that need to be made in response to the introduction of new Google algorithms or other changes in the marketplace. This ongoing relationship also means that as your business grows or expands, we can work with you to add new pages or functions to your site with the minimum of delay.

With all three phases complete, your customers will be able to enjoy a professionally-built website that meets their needs, and your business will have a slick online presence that did not require a massive upfront investment of cash.

At MonthlyWeb we are passionate about creating the best possible websites for our customers at the most affordable prices, so make sure to find out more about our pay monthly websites today.